Exciting Developments at Fenris

Fenris Digital is working every day to provide clients like you the data and insight you rely upon as you seek to modernize your customer acquisition experience.


Prefill Enhancements You Need to Know About

Industry-leading Speed

All of Fenris Prefill products – Auto, Property, Commercial and Life – are faster and more reliable than ever. Our clients tell us our solutions are game changers.  Notable developments include:

Fenris Auto Prefill

New curated data provides better 50-state coverage. This includes VIN returns for every state in the US. Prefill improves conversion rates by reducing application abandonment rates.  Some of our clients have seen a decrease in application abandonment rates of 20% or higher!


 “The final result was a 22% increase in the upsell of auto policies

to our new mortgage customers.”

– Product Owner, Auto Application

“Since we incorporated Fenris Auto Prefill into SALT, the auto

application completion rates have more than doubled.”

– Jonathan Simmons, founder and CEO,  SALT


Fenris Commercial Prefill

Our commercial customers have been extremely happy with our enhanced data as it provides key attributes such as:

  • Secondary Risk Classification NAICS
  • Revenue
  • Headcount
  • Years in business … to name a few.

Fenris Commercial Prefill provides the data that is so critical to an accurate quote. When your agents fully understand the nature of the business from the start, it reduces failed submissions.


“The business classification service available via API from Fenris

has been fabulous, fast, and rock solid.”

CEO, Insuretech Platform


Fenris Insight Solutions

Fenris provides insight at every stage of the customer journey to enable carriers, agencies and brokers a streamlined acquisition process. At every stage of the sale – from anonymous lead to applicant to customer renewal, we can instantly inject valuable insight into the process.

How Fenris Insight Could Work for You

A recent client manages over 20,000 leads a day. They saw an opportunity to save a significant amount of money by improving their conversion rate by two points – from 6% to 8%. We trained our machine learning models to identify those applicants most likely to convert.  Our models segmented their applicants into five segments. The top segment was 6x more likely to buy than the bottom segment. Sifting the least likely to buy applicants into more affordable channels enabled them to meet their new conversion targets. Insight allowed them to save money on each applicant. Plus the rich data provided allowed the agents to develop more personalized suggestions for smoother enrollment.

The insight is delivered instantly. Lately we have been clocking in at 200-700 milliseconds. So whether you want to improve your cost of leads, better manage your applicants or increase your retention rate – the insight you need is here and has never been faster.


“Fenris introduced immediate opportunities for 20% reduction of our

data costs and insights to future marketing savings.”

CIO, Major Insurance Carrier


Fenris Digital is the single source of instant insight and data on every applicant and policyholder across the customer lifecycle.

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