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Fenris Property Data Has COPE Categories Covered

COPE is the acronym for the four categories of data that insurers use to assess the risks associated with a particular property: Construction, Occupancy, Protection, and Exposure. The Fenris Home/Property Insurance Prefill API provides accurate, multi-sourced data for each COPE category. The data can be used by brokers and agents to qualify leads or for underwriting assessment.


Let’s dig a bit deeper into the COPE categories:

  • Construction covers such information as type of construction, construction materials, building height and size, roof type, age of construction, and the like.
  • Occupancy is concerned with what the property is being used for. Is it a residential property for lease rather than owner-occupied? If it’s a commercial property, is it manufacturing or non-manufacturing? Are there hazards related to the work done?
  • Protection covers internal features that protect a building, like sprinkler and security systems or a new HVAC system, and distance to the nearest responding fire department.
  • Exposure mainly deals with the kinds of risks property owners cannot control—the ones that come from environmental and geographic hazards. The Exposure data that Fenris provides includes likelihood a property will be affected by climate-related events, coastal events like tropical storms, crime, fire, flooding from lakes, streams and rivers, geologic events like earthquakes, man-made risks like proximity to underground storage tanks, weather events like tornadoes, wind, or lightning, and wildfire.


Fenris data covers 100% of addresses in the United States. In fact, all we need is an address to provide home or property data via an API in under two seconds. The data can be used for online application prefill or easily integrated into agent or underwriter workflows.


Contact us for more information about how prefill data creates efficiencies for agencies or to schedule a demo.

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