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Optimize your Lead Spend with Real-Time Top-of-Funnel Contact Validation

The term “tire kickers” originated in automobile sales. You found out who they were when they walked off the lot without a new car. There are tire kickers browsing online for insurance quotes as well. You can spot them by the phony phone numbers, fake addresses, and autogenerated emails they leave behind in online forms.


The challenge for insurance lead aggregators is spotting invalid data before bidding on the lead, in that tiny slice of time between “ping” and “post” in an online auction. Fenris solves that problem with TruProfileSM, a complete solution for validating a lead’s identity, including phone number, mailing address, email address, and IP address with a single API query.


We return validations in under a second, so you can make an informed bidding decision. TruProfile can handle thousands of queries in real time, matching an inbound lead’s identity to our proprietary dataset to confirm residency, reviewing each piece of contact information, and separating legitimate contacts from fraudulent entries. And with TruProfile+, you get a score indicating lead quality.


This enables you to prioritize and optimize your lead buying and lead management for best results. The machine learning feedback loop continuously improves the TruProfile+ score, to enable programmatic lead buying decisions.


TruProfile can also serve as a pre-screening tool at the top of the lead qualification funnel, eliminating non-contactable leads prior to using Fenris data enrichment and predictive lead scoring APIs to identify qualified leads with a high intent to purchase. When you use Fenris to validate, enrich, and score leads, you can be confident you are offering a premium product to your customers.


Contact us for more information about how TruProfile works or to schedule a demo.

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