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Simplify Prototyping and Innovation with Free Synthetic Data

When evaluating and building API integrations to support products like insurance, it can be difficult to manage sensitive personal information from new vendors. We are pleased to announce the availability of a synthetic dataset designed to help qualified developers easily and securely explore use cases for Fenris data prefill APIs. The synthetic dataset provides more than 40 personas. Together, they are representative of our vast datasets on 255 million adults, 130 million households and 35 million small businesses as well as their insurable assets —automobiles, homes, boats, RVs, offices, and the like.


This synthetic data has all the features of our datasets, yet it is AI-generated rather than based on any real-life person, place, or thing. What’s more, the synthetic data is available behind our production endpoints. That means you can use it for development and testing with the confidence that what you create will work flawlessly when you switch over to using real data, without additional development work to change target endpoints.


At the same time, you don’t have to worry about protecting personally identifiable information (PII) because the data is, well, synthetic. It looks like the real people, properties, and businesses in our datasets, but it’s not. This eliminates data privacy and regulatory compliance concerns for development teams working with the synthetic data, no matter where you’re located.


Our data prefill products are designed to integrate easily with your existing workflows and applications, reducing manual data entry by automatically populating automobile, property, life and small business insurance application forms with data on a lead or existing customer. The synthetic dataset allows you to experiment with integrations and see how the API calls work to prefill fields in web forms and software used by agents and call centers. Share prototypes without data privacy concerns, and test new versions instantly.


The synthetic data developer API is available at no charge to qualified developers and Fenris partners. Contact us to get started.

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