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We focus solely on the insurance industry. Clients subscribe to our data products and tech solutions to streamline cumbersome processes, improve acquisition decisions, and solve information gap challenges.
Results are stunning and make for a better customer experience and better outcomes. ​


  • 10% + increased topline

  • 1 – 5% + increased profit


  • 40% decreased manual work 
  • 20% decreased data costs

Starter Kit

Created as the fastest and easiest way to start the journey with Fenris

Your Fenris Starter Kit demonstrates and quantifies
the benefits you can expect specifically for your
organization, without having to involve any difficult IT
integration and without consuming already tapped
internal analytics resources.

Get real time scoring and data enrichment

Improve throughput, conversion, and accuracy without a complicated IT integration
Asset 1@4x
Less than 2 seconds
Asset 2@2x
Applicant Enrichment and Scores on our API


Provides an elegant quote flow logic that is intuitive for consumer use. The white labeled,
dynamic questionnaire utilizes computer vision, real time data enrichment,
and renders extremely well on a mobile device.
Questions 50 5
Time 15 3
CTA improved

Radically improved customer journey and brand impact

UW Decisioning Support Dashboards

Delivering a single view of the applicant with accompanying supporting information,
indicators, flags, and configurable scores that streamline processing.

Coming Soon

Faster, better, cheaper
with turnkey or à la carte solution support

N E W !
Data Lab and Insights Membership

Perfect for Clients with advanced in-house resources, Fenris offers exclusive access to cutting edge research, use cases, and emerging data elements, which accelerate your team’s digital transformation use cases.

  • First notice briefings on newly discovered data sources
  • Fenris Data Lab sandbox
  • Fenris knowledge repository
  • Moderated community discussions 

If you're a data provider and would like to learn how
we unlock value in new and emerging data sets,
please contact us to learn more.

Insurance is highly regulated and we have strict protocols and requirements around permissive and appropriate use. You can expect us to run a test with a sample of your data for research purposes to evaluate its quality, applicability, and usefulness and share those results back with you.