We have information on over 130 million households, 200+ million consumers, and millions of small businesses.
We apply sophisticated analytics and deliver insights instantly via a growing collection of scores.
Clients subscribe to Fenris solutions to 1) streamline cumbersome processes, 2) improve acquisition decisions and 3) solve information gap challenges.

Application Fill

50 to 5  – streamline the quoting process

Using our repository of marketing and external data, we assist in collecting all the necessary elements for a bindable quote.  Your agents or consumers can validate and confirm.  The result is “more swipe, less type” and fewer errors and more completed applications.

Personal Auto

Commercial Auto

Personal Property

Commercial Property

Small Business

Life Events


Fenris Application Fill is available in real time, is cost effective, and includes the LeadScreen score.  



Using external data to effectively score and prioritize leads

LeadScreen is a three digit score, which out-of-the-box can improve your targeting and conversion rates.  The score itself is multidimensional and indicates contactability, fraud indicators, insurance tier, and cross-sell capacity, which gives you insights earlier than ever before into the value of a lead.


  • Instantly rank for prioritization
  • Increase productivity 
  • Decrease cost of acquisition
  • Cross-sell and improve life time value


Make it easy to get a quote started without having to type anything.  Available in browser and text — not an app you have to download.  Provides the validated information needed to start the process of Application Fill and generate a LeadScreen score.  


  • Your brand, our technology
  • Full capture of contact information in an easy, consumer friendly way
  • Almost no IT effort; turnkey from Fenris

Starter Kit

Created as a fast and easy on ramp to start the journey with Fenris. Your Starter Kit demonstrates and quantifies the benefits you can expect specifically for your organization, without having to involve any difficult IT integration and without consuming already tapped internal analytics resources.

All of our solutions require minimal IT resources allowing for quick and affordable integration.