Applicant Scoring

Fenris scores insurance applicants to reveal the value the consumer brings to the agent, broker, or carrier. Using machine learning, we can provide accurate and actionable insight into consumers’ needs, behaviors, and risks earlier than ever before -- at the point of quote -- allowing insurance professionals to spend less time qualifying, and more time generating, new business.

Identify the applicants who are 4x more likely to make a purchase.


LeadScreen scores an applicant prior to the purchase of a lead. This stretches your marketing dollar to target and purchase those leads that represent your desired market.

From these factors, agents and carriers pick and choose those applicants they know will convert for them.

Third Party Validation Of:


Indications of Fraud

Propensity To Buy

Lifetime Value

Rating Tier

Increase Conversion Rates


Triage Score

Know right away, who are the customers are that will provide more value to your company, so you can reach out immediately and capture their business.

The triage score accompanies an incoming lead and quantifies their value relative to other leads coming in.

Used By Underwriters

40% Less Time Spent Prioritizing Leads

Decrease Turnaround time

Personal Financial Responsibility

The PFR Score measures a person’s financial risk for use in evaluating applicants to financial products and services.

Instead of making multiple, expensive runs on an applicant’s credit score, prior to when it’s necessary to bind an insurance policy, use the PFR to gain the same level of insight, for a fraction of the cost.

Accurately Measure an Applicant's Financial Risk

Similar to a Credit-Based Insurance Score, the PFR is predictive of a consumers ability to pay back and be responsible with their credit.

Minimal IT Integration

The PFR Score is accessed via API, requiring minimal IT work to plug into your existing workflows.

1 million
1 million
1 million
Small Businesses

Emerging Data Sources Applied in New Ways

Fenris aggregates data from new and emerging sources to provide available information about consumers to save them from providing it themselves. Using records on over 240 million adults, and 28 million small businesses, we reduce the application question set from 50-to-5, meaning a faster application process, while increasing data accuracy.

Application Fill

Application Fill reduces the average number of application questions from 50-to-5. Users need only enter basic identifying information such as; name, address, and date of birth (or date of incorporation), and Fenris will find the applicant in its comprehensive data base and fill in the remaining questions.

Reduce the Number of Applications Questions:



Used in Multiple Lines of Insurance

Personal Auto

Commercial Auto

Personal Property

Commercial Property

Small Business



easy to consume

API’s enable real time access to data, working together with your process.

Low-Maintenance Implementation

API endpoints are plugged into your existing workflows, no additional onsite equipment to install.

Advanced Technologies

If the consumer spent 30 seconds to get a quote by taking a picture of their license, instead of 15 minutes filling out a form, wouldn’t they be more likely to buy? If an underwriter had all the relevant information they needed to make a decision in one easy-to-read display, wouldn’t they be able to bind more policies every day?


LicenseSnap makes filling out an application a breeze.

The applicant takes a picture of their driver’s license and LicenseSnap reads the identifying information to populate the form.

Paired with an Application Fill append of data, an entire application can be completed without any manual data entry.

One picture to begin an application

LicenseSnap reads the information from the driver's license barcode and enters that information into the application for the user.

Simple Application Process

Shorten your application form to make it easier for site visitors to complete your application.

Pair with Fenris Data to complete an entire form

LicenseSnap can serve as the input for a search into our database of over 240 million individuals, returning the information required for your application.

White-Labeled For Your Brand

LicenseSnap can be branded specifically to you so the consumer never feels as if they are being sent away from your site.

Underwriter Dashboard

The Fenris Underwriter Dashboard brings the relevant information an underwriter needs to make their decision to bind a Commercial Small business policy, and presents it in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Necessary data All in one place

One window for the information underwriters need to make their decision, enabling more policies to be reviewed, and written, every day.

Contact, Financial, Property, Legal Data

The Underwriter Dashboard pulls from over 1,000 data elements on Small Businesses to ensure the data you see is relevant and helpful.

Easy-to-Read Dashboard

A simple and informative format to get data to you as quick as possible.

Find out how Fenris enables friction-free application.