A Better Way to Start Any Application with LicenseSnap

all swipe, no type

Meet LicenseSnap

LicenseSnap makes capturing information from the applicant fast, easy, and more accurate than ever before.

With just a simple photo of the back of the driver’s license, insurance applicants can breeze through the process of requesting a quote with an “all swipe, no type” experience like they have with other brands. Imagine if your customers could receive a quote as easily as they can buy products from online retailers? With LicenseSnap, that image can become reality.

Carriers that have used LicenseSnap to fuel their insurance quoting systems have seen as much as a 3X improvement in application completion rates. In an industry that works in increments of single percentage points, that’s game-changing growth.

Getting started is a snap. Try out the tool on your own device, or reach out to us for an initial demo. Whether you have in-house IT or are starting from scratch, we make it easy to go from here to implementation.

Turnkey components and code base in Angular, React, or Vue

API key, documentation, tech support

White labeled: configure with your brand and custom language

Secure, compliant, and user friendly 

Unlock customer insight with Fenris scores and data pre-fill.

The Fenris suite of products includes all the essential data and scoring capabilities carriers and financial firms need to identify your best customers and ease their way. 

Pairing LicenseSnap with the Fenris Personal Financial Responsibility (PFR) score and personal lines data pre-fill are just two ways to bundle Fenris products to get a clearer view of your customer and create a friction-free experience at the point of quote. 

Learn more about our suite of products below!

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Middle Initial
  4. Address 1
  5. Address 2
  6. City
  7. State
  8. Zip
  9. Birth Year
  10. Birth Month
  11. Birth Day
  12. Gender
  13. DL#
  14. DL expiration date
  15. DL class of license
  16. Other info such as height, weight, organ donor – when made available and varies by state