Data Partner 2018

Announcing the Best New Provider of Data!

Insurance is highly regulated and we have strict protocols and requirements around permissive and appropriate use of data. To date, we have evaluated over 20 new data sources, many of which have never been used to improve insurance processes before.  Those that qualify are put through a rigorous process of evaluation. We evaluate the quality, applicability, and usefulness of the data supplied by our providers sharing those results with our clients.  We love working with our partners and want to recognize the best of the best. HazardHub is the Best New Provider of Data!

HazardHub, the nation’s fastest-growing supplier of geospatial risk data. Their team of scientists translates huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy-to-understand answers, providing risk assessments that can be used to make real-world decisions. HazardHub provides comprehensive, national coverage for risks that destroy and damage property, including perils from air (wind, hail, tornado, lightning), water (flood, coastal storm surge), earth (earthquake, brownfield, Superfund) and fire (wildfire and fire protection.)

Bob Frady, CEO of HazardHub, adds “We’re thrilled to be named as Fenris’ New Data Provider of the Year for 2018. At HazardHub we not only want to build the best hazard risk data, but to distribute that data via a robust partner network. We love working with Fenris and are honored to be part of their process.”

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