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Fenris Launches Life Event Monitoring and Alerts (LEMA) Service

Richmond, VA – April 28, 2022Fenris Digital (Fenris), an insurance data sourcing innovator delivering a suite of API-delivered, SOC2 compliant products, is pleased to announce the release of the company’s Life Event Monitoring and Alerts (LEMA) service.

“In the insurance space, customer acquisition is expensive and time-consuming due in part to the complexity of the products and the need for insurers to connect with potential customers at exactly the right moment in order to position the sale as not only necessary, but intuitive,” said Jennifer Linton, founder and CEO of Fenris. “LEMA can positively impact any insurer’s customer acquisition and customer experience by delivering automated, timely, and cost-effective life event alerts on potential or impacted policyholders.”

In order to deliver the most actionable information possible, LEMA monitors Fenris’ data repositories of 255+ million people, 130+ million households, and 30+ million small businesses to identify and address the major life events that insurance policyholders periodically experience, such as new house purchases, birth announcements, and retirements. LEMA monitors an insurer’s book of business and provides daily alerts, thereby allowing for the execution of planned campaigns and structuring of new campaigns on-the-fly.

Through LEMA, Fenris also provides insurance organization clients with email alerts on which agents can base high-touch, personalized approaches to customers and potential customers. Fenris APIs can also integrate with the systems that digitally-savvy insurance companies employ to target and personalize engagements with customers, such as marketing outreach solutions. Alerts can support both outbound marketing actions and personal outreach from a producer.

For Fenris, LEMA is a playing field-leveling product which provides access to smart data solutions that are easily customizable for individual books of business for insurance organizations of all sizes. Having successfully navigated the proof-of-concept (PoC) or pilot phase with several organizations, LEMA is now in production in live insurance environments with many of Fenris’ agent/broker and insurer customers.

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About Fenris

Fenris Digital (Fenris) is an insurance data sourcing innovator delivering a suite of API-delivered, SOC2 compliant products which leverage well-established, proprietary data repositories for Predictive Scoring, Data Enrichment and Pre-fill, and Life Event Monitoring & Alerts (LEMA), to enable modern customer acquisition workflows across auto, home, life, and small commercial lines. For more information, please visit www.fenrisd.com.

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