Fenris Launches TruProfile Score for Contact Validation

Richmond, VA – September 13, 2022Fenris Digital (Fenris), a leading insurance data sourcing innovator, is pleased to announce the release of the company’s TruProfileSM service, one of their newest validation scores in their suite of predictive analytics.


“Buyers of insurance leads need to assess the quality of the leads that they purchase and one of the dimensions of modeling the value of those leads is whether the lead contains valid contact information,” said Jennifer Linton, founder and CEO of Fenris. “No single vendor is delivering a complete contact validation solution; moreover, no one is determining a reach-ability score considering all of these components, and hence the demand for TruProfile+.”


Now, more than ever, insurers rely on accurate information in making their decisions. Whether or not the information that has been provided to them is actionable is an ongoing concern. Fenris is addressing that issue with its TruProfile service. Throughout the industry, contact validation is being offered on an ad hoc, piecemeal basis, making Fenris’ offering the first comprehensive service for validating residential address, date of birth, phone number, email, and IP address.


Utilizing its proprietary consumer data and location-based services, Fenris offers customers and partners the ability to automatically scan input customer information. This range of data points enables Fenris to offer a more comprehensive solution as part of their API-enabled services, enabling customers to inclusively validate, enrich and predict their data offerings.


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About Fenris

Fenris Digital (Fenris) is an insurance data sourcing innovator delivering a suite of API-delivered, SOC2 compliant products which leverage well-established, proprietary data repositories for Predictive Scoring, Data Enrichment and Pre-fill, and Life Event Monitoring & Alerts (LEMA), to enable modern customer acquisition workflows across auto, home, life, and small commercial lines. For more information, please visit


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