Small Business Commercial Data Prefill

More Applications Completed and Time to Quote Saved

Fenris APIs increase completion rates, reduce time to quote, & provide accurate & relevant data in realtime

"The data Fenris provides is the tip of the spear for us. It is key to our success."

~ Chief Operating Officer

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Key Features

  • Search with Only Name & Address

  • Data on Over 35 Million Businesses

  • 40+ Data Points

    • Industry classification
    • Number of Employees
    • Annual Revenue

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Save Applicants Time & Increase Conversions

Using Business Insurance Prefill for applications will reduce the time it takes for the applicant to complete and submit an application, reduce errors and increase the amount of data provided.

  • Increased completion rates
  • Reduced time to quote
  • Accurate and relevant data in realtime
increase conversions

Instant insight, even on micro-businesses

Sub-second return of application prefill data

Specially curated source of businesses with five or fewer employees

The Fenris Difference

Standardized RESTful API

Our architecture is recognized by all developers, is easy to integrate in a short time, can be live the same day, and allows for instant results.

Form Populated in <2 Seconds

Time is everything.

Industry Leading Repository of Aggregated and Derived Business Data

We leverage industry leading methods of getting the record every time.

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