Pre-Fill API

The Fenris Data Prefill API for Small Business Insurance

Get the data you need to qualify micro-business applicants and associated individuals delivered in seconds, from a single source 

Speed the application process and increase conversions with prefill data delivered right to your applications and workflow

The Fenris Small Business Insurance Prefill API delivers accurate multi-sourced data to help prospects and agents complete applications for small business commercial and property insurance.

All we need is the business name and address to pull more than 40 data points from our proprietary database, including:

• NAICS code
• Estimated revenue
• Number of employees

 We can simultaneously provide data on the business owner, which can help with underwriting the explosion of micro-business opportunities in todays fast-growing gig economy. We return the most accurate, up-to-date information on those businesses as well. Using the Small Business Insurance Prefill API reduces the time it takes to complete an application, reduces errors and increases the amount of data provided for underwriting. 

Benefits of the Fenris Small Business Insurance Prefill API


Whether your prospect is completing an online form or speaking with an agent, asking them to confirm information rather than supply it results in more completed submissions — and happier customers.​


With our API approach, your search request is submitted instantly with results returned immediately. Data can directly prefill applications and questionnaires and be integrated with your workflow.


Getting more accurate and complete information can speed underwriting time by sending more applications for straight-through processing, helping underwriters focus on higher value opportunities.


As a Fenris client, you are able to customize the data elements received from the API to fit your unique application needs.

Find out how Fenris enables friction-free applications.

From a name and address, comprehensive and accurate data on 35M small businesses

  • NAICS code
  • SIC code
  • Primary industry
  • Entity type
  • Alternate names
  • Number of locations
  • Number of employees
  • Phone number
  • Revenue
  • Headquarters location
  • Parent company
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Domain name
  • Website and more
  • Use type
  • Air conditioning
  • Basement
  • Total area
  • Garage type
  • Garage number of cars
  • Lot size
  • Bathrooms
  • Partial bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Stories
  • Pool
  • Roof type
  • Year built
  • Heating type
  • Constructions
  • Units
  • APN
  • Market value min
  • Market value max
  • Land value
  • Improvement value
  • Assessment year
  • Assessed value
  • Assessed market value

Frequently asked questions

Fenris curates thousands of data sets that are used by Fortune 500 companies, but have yet to be applied to insurance, assuring the accuracy and quality of the data we deliver. Our databases are continually refreshed, and we continue to add new data sources as they become available.

We do not use data that has been scraped from the web, unlike many tools seen used in claims validation. Web-scraped information is not applicable to the risk analysis performed with our datasets.

Small business insurance underwriting typically does not fall under regulatory requirements or scrutiny and does not require information regulated by the FCRA. However, local rules and regulations may apply. Please consult with your underwriting and risk management departments.

Any financial services firm that uses an application can benefit from using the Small Business Insurance Prefill API to make the application a smoother experience for small- and micro-business owners.

We have found that brokerages and lenders both have use cases for our API that help them limit application abandonment, increasing completion rates leading to a higher number of conversions.

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Find out how Fenris enables friction-free application.