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Fenris PFR is the hardest-working credit predictor in insurance and finance.

PFR Success Stories

A client in the auto insurance space was spending over $1,000,000 in credit reports for applicants at point of quote. 

After working with Fenris to utilize the PFR score in their quoting process, this insurer was able to save 40% on credit expenses. By cutting out unnecessary credit pulls early in the process, this client was able to save that step for qualified applicants at the binding stage.

A client of ours in personal lines has been spending over $240,000 in credit pulls for their initial applicants.

We continue to have a positive impact on their expenses by using PFR instead of traditional credit pulls. We have consistently saved this client 30% in credit expenses by pushing formal credit pulls to the end of the application process.

What you can do with the Fenris PFR score

Reduce cost on credit pulls

The PFR score gives you an accurate credit bin with 93% alignment with their financial score, at a fraction of the cost.

expedite quoting and binding

Knowing the applicant's financial standing, your team can expedite the bind process with straight-through processing (STP) or prioritization.

better customize offers

Use PFR to understand what products you can offer that will ultimately serve them best and be better for your total book of business.

create team efficiencies

Prioritizing applicants with PFR means your team can spend its time on the applications needing the most attention, creating a more productive and efficient team.

Take the PFR score for a spin

It’s easy to give the PFR score a try.

See how it can help save your underwriting or producer team money and time, and help you build a better book of business.

Our team integrates directly with yours to ensure you get PFR implemented quickly and smoothly via API that pulls our scores right into your existing systems. 


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Don't forget your data.

Utilize the Fenris PFR score with our flagship data pre-fill product to not only get a view of the applicant’s financial status, but all their pertinent application data pre-filled into your application using yet another simple API connection.

Learn more about our pre-fill products that compliment our best-in-class PFR.

Frequently asked questions

The PFR is accurate to within 93% of the applicant’s financial score. Meaning, we can tell you with confidence what credit bin your applicant is likely to fall into without pulling the full credit score from one of the traditional institutions.

Any financial services firm that uses an application can benefit from using PFR to help prioritize applicants early in the quoting process. 

We have found that brokerages and lenders both have use cases for PFR that help them limit the use of more expensive credit pulls to once they’re ready to convert a customer.

PFR scores can be a useful asset on the marketing side of the house as well as underwriting. Because PFR scores only require a name and address, firms could feasibly pull a score based on a simple lead generation form. That score can inform what products and services your marketing team can serve up as remarketing or targeting campaigns.

The PFR score is an insurance credit predictor – not a replacement for the credit score itself. A formal credit score will be necessary to finalize pricing and actually bind a policy.

But, if your team is pulling credit scores for applicants at the time of quoting, you can save money using the PFR and saving your credit pulls for later in the process.

Our clients have been able to save as much as 40% in expenditures on credit pulls by utilizing PFR at the quoting stage and pulling credit only for applicants ready to bind.

Everyone throughout the insurance or financial services value chain can benefit.

Underwriters get better insight into an applicant’s total risk profile.

Brokers, agents, and advisors get an easier way to prioritize and sell the best product to the applicant.

End customers experience a faster quoting and binding process, and receive better product suggestions to fit their unique needs.

Have another question we didn’t cover? 

Bottom line: PFR can significantly increase your top line.

Get a credit predictor with 93% accuracy to traditional financial scores.

Spend a fraction of the cost of a credit pull to get it.

Receive your applicants’ scores within seconds via API.

Identify applicants that are up to 3X more likely to bind a policy.

Quote your best applicants, easier.

Learn more about our PFR score and the rest of the Fenris product suite by getting a friendly expert on the phone.

We promise – it will be fun.

"We know that new data is the key to new insight. Fenris was incredibly flexible in designing an approach to finding new data that works to meet our needs."
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