Applicant Scoring

Insights to Inform Your Decisions

Understand the Value of Your Applicants

Know right away who you are talking to, and make a strategic decision about how to engage them as a customer.

Only Purchase Leads That Represent Your Desired Customer

Spend your marketing budget on leads that are more likely to become customers.

Scored in Less Than 2 Seconds


LeadScreen scores an applicant prior to the purchase of a lead. This stretches your marketing dollar to target and purchase those leads that represent your desired market.

From these factors, agents and carriers pick and choose those applicants they know will convert for them.

Third Party Validation Of:


Indications of Fraud

Propensity To Buy

Lifetime Value

Rating Tier

Increase Conversion Rates


Triage Score

Know right away, who are the customers are that will provide more value to your company, so you can reach out immediately and capture their business.

The triage score accompanies an incoming lead and quantifies their value relative to other leads coming in.

Used By Underwriters

40% Less Time Spent Prioritizing Leads

Decrease Turnaround time

Personal Financial Responsibility

The PFR Score measures a person’s financial risk for use in evaluating applicants to financial products and services.

Instead of making multiple, expensive runs on an applicant’s credit score, prior to when it’s necessary to bind an insurance policy, use the PFR to gain the same level of insight, for a fraction of the cost.

Accurately Measure an Applicant's Financial Risk

Similar to a Credit-Based Insurance Score, the PFR is predictive of a consumers ability to pay back and be responsible with their credit.

Minimal IT Integration

The PFR Score is accessed via API, requiring minimal IT work to plug into your existing workflows.

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