Ease the Customer Journey for Increased Conversions

Easy, fast, and accurate mobile application fill.

A growing number of consumers rely on their mobile devices to interact with their insurers. Carriers must meet the customer where they are in order to capture new business and stay competitive. The point-of-quote is the first interaction a consumer may have with their carrier, making every touch point an opportunity to convert new policyholders with a streamlined customer journey. 

LicenseSnap enables friction-free applications by replacing the manual data entry of an online form with a picture of the applicant’s driver’s license. This allows us to prepopulate scanned data points, and append additional information and scores from Fenris’ comprehensive proprietary database.

Use in conjunction with the Fenris PFR score and prefill data.

Data and scores go hand-in-hand. 

Fenris scores can help you get insight about your applicants so you can provide them the best product fit, faster than ever before. Once you know more about your applicants, data pre-fill can ease their way to bind.

Engage applicants seeking a mobile quote

Reduce the chance of data errors - more swipe, less type

Prevent application drop-off

Try it yourself

“It was a 3X improvement in completion - the Fenris [LicenseSnap] application versus just the general application, unenhanced. That was another thing Fenris did that clearly worked great."
Executive Vice President

Enable Applicants with the Tools to Meet Your Goals

White-labeled for a seamlessly branded mobile experience

Customized data payload to fit an existing question set

Tailored to personal lines of insurance and financial services for individuals

Find out how Fenris enables friction-free application.