Driver Record Insight (DRI)

How many auto insurance quotes go up after the carrier runs an MVR?

As part of the quoting process, an applicant is asked about moving violations and accidents for all of the drivers in the household. Often, violations that impact the rate are not disclosed upfront. Up to 40% of the time, the indicative quote is uprated after underwriting orders expensive third party reports, like MVRs, which are used to calculate a finalized quote.

The current process wastes everyone's time and money, and leads to a bad experience and potential chargebacks.

With Driver Record Insight (DRI), insurance agents, brokerages, carriers, and InsurTech platforms can see whether a driver has major and minor violations before the quote is finalized. Be ahead of the game with real-time Insights.


DRI shows you moving violations at the time of the quote.

Quote accurately

Improve quote-to-bind ratio

Place the applicant with the right carrier

Improve your agency reputation with carriers

Reduce chargebacks

Save precious time

Eliminate surprise uprates, place the applicant with the right carrier the first time, close more business, and make carriers happy and eager to work with you.