Fenris Solutions for Commercial Insurance

Enter a company name and state and get over 40 critical data points including risk classification in less than 2 seconds.

Fenris Prefill for Commercial saves time and ensures you get it right every time.

Applying for commercial insurance can take a lot of time for your applicants and your agents. Fenris Commercial Prefill solutions require only the business name and state and you receive accurate data without requiring the business owner to fill out onerous forms.

Our API leverages the Fenris best-in-class match rates to return a robust set of data fields in less than 2 seconds and has access to our proprietary set of micro-business data. The fast-growing gig economy has created an explosion of micro-businesses. We return the most accurate, up-to-date information on those businesses as well.

Using Commercial Prefill for applications will reduce the time it takes for the applicant to complete and submit an application, reduce errors, and increase the amount of data provided.

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Easy to use, easy to install, API-first data enrichment for instant insight.

Our API locates and returns 40+ data points including:

  • NAICS code
  • SIC code
  • Estimated revenue
  • Primary industry
  • Entity type
  • Alternate names
  • Number of locations
  • Number of employees
  • Phone number
  • Revenue Headquarters location
  • Parent company
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Domain name
  • Website and more

"The business classification service available via API from Fenris has been fabulous, fast and rock solid."

~ CEO, Insuretech Platform

Fenris Insight for Sales

Use Fenris Insight to increase new business, renewals, and cross selling. Whether you are selling Auto, P&C, Life or Commercial lines, we serve clients just like you instantly, easily, and accurately from lead to applicant to policyholder.

Lead Insight

Fenris Insight can let you know if the lead best meets your criteria—before you pay for it.

Applicant Insight

Fenris Insight can tell you which applicants are up to 10x more likely to buy from you.

Policyholder Insight

Get instant, accurate, updated data about every policyholder for cross-selling opportunities.