About Fenris

Fenris is the brainchild of insurance industry veteran Jen Linton, who recognized that the insurance industry needed to streamline the digital quoting process while preserving underwriting integrity and accuracy. As platform players threaten to disrupt traditional insurers, Jen understood that an insurtech company led by experienced innovators from the incumbents is uniquely positioned to help them drive success and a better customer experience. In 2016, she started Fenris with the goal of creating an industry leader in data, scores, and technology to support sustainable, customer-centric growth in insurance and financial services.

What makes us different

With millions of applications scored, Fenris has demonstrated its impact on increased conversion rates, decreased cost of acquisition, and reduced manual entry for a better customer journey at point of quote.  By leveraging external data in a way purpose-built for personal lines, commercial lines, and life insurance, Fenris has led the industry with its scores for propensity to buy, lifetime value, cross-sell potential, and financial responsibility.

Our impact

With access to Fenris’ API, a carrier or agency applies the quantified insights earlier than ever before at the point of quote, and clients are seeing 3x increase in conversion by knowing which applications to prioritize, a 25% decrease in cost of acquisition due to smarter ordering of downstream reports, and up to 80% reduction in manual effort.


Jen has had four successful insurance launches in the last 10 years. Including Elephant Insurance, and DriveFactor (now a division of CCC Information Services called CCC Drive). Jennifer is a graduate of the Darden School of Business.

Jay has 20+ years leading and working with product development teams for companies like Alteryx,  Pitney Bowes. He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from SMU. He has 5 patents in the area of using geographic data for location.


Larry is the former CEO of FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation).  Over his 40+ year career at FICO, his roles also included: client project manager, leading research and product development, leading Analytic R&D, and now Research Fellow.  Larry is a graduate of MIT and UC Berkeley.

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