The single best source for instant insight and data enrichment on every applicant and policyholder.

Easily improve your conversion rate. Shorten your sales cycle. Reduce costs.
All while creating a superior experience. For your customers and your agents.

Fenris enables a modern insurance sales process that is personalized, fast, and easy.

Our proprietary, purpose-built suite of predictive algorithms is easily integrated into your platform of choice.

It makes it possible to optimize each customer journey, from lead to quote to retention and cross-sell.

Generate More Revenue & Lower Acquisition Costs

The richest set of disparate data put together into one offering
and machine learning models trained to your best outcome.

The richest set of disparate data put together into one offering and machine learning models trained to your best outcome.

Fenris Prefill

Reduce abandonment rates

Improve customer experience

Auto, Personal and Commercial lines

Fenris Insight

Use leading machine learning models

Uncover best leads and prospects

Determine next actions

Purpose-built for the insurance customer journey to provide fast, actionable data insights.

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The Fenris team knows what it's like.

We've been in your shoes, grappling with the challenge of boosting numerous metrics to achieve meaningful impact. It used to feel like navigating in the dark without the right resources. But with Fenris Digital's AI-driven insight and data tools, those days are behind you.

Our platform consolidates the industry's most comprehensive range of diverse data, tailored specifically for the customer acquisition process.

  • Data is updated daily to ensure relevance.
  • Enjoy instant access with our API-first approach.
  • Our machine learning models are fine-tuned to achieve your specific outcomes.
  • Count on our responsive customer service for unparalleled support.

Fenris Digital delivers insight at all key stages of the buying cycle.


Lead Optimization | Ping and Post

We can help you identify which leads are worth the investment – before you buy them.

Improve Conversion Rate & Reduce Cost of Sales

We can help you identify those that are 10X more likely to buy from you so you can assign them to the appropriate channel.

Create Cross-Selling Opportunity

We provide the insight you need to know how best to serve your clients' needs across available product lines.

Enhance your customer journey • Engage in the moments that matter

Whether you are selling Auto, P&C, Life or Commercial lines, we serve clients just like you.

Instantly. Easily. Accurately.

Insurance Carriers · Insurance Brokerages · Insurance Rate Providers
Employee Benefit Platforms · Insurtech Innovators

"Fenris is a proven leader in data services from lead generation and quoting to retention and cross-sell."

~ Chuck Gomez, Head of North American Operations, InsureMO