More and better data -- better decisioning -- for better outcomes

Our Clients see radical improvement in how consumers experience insurance from the very first steps, by leveraging our applied data, technology, and scores to quoting and underwriting processes.

Our solutions are applied by Clients serving these markets

Small Business Commercial

Emphasis on micro businesses fewer than 10 employees

Personal Automobile

Nonstandard, standard and preferred

Home Owner/Renter

Property, premises, belongings

Life and wellness

Life events, behaviors, engagement solutions

What Clients Say About Us

  • 5
    They have a great team. We have contract/MSA-SOW in place with Fenris. They will do whatever is necessary to get your project done.
    Insurance Agency in 40+ states
  • 5
    We know that new data is the key to new insight.  Fenris was incredibly flexible in designing an approach to finding new data that works to meet our needs.
    International multi-billion dollar insurer
  • 5
    Sure we could have developed this on-line quoting ourselves... it would take north of 24 months.  Or, we could call Fenris.  C'mon.  No-brainer.
    Regional Insurer
  • 5
    Their work was timely and impactful.
    E&S insurer
  • 5
    "We would be foolish not to evaluate any technology that has the opportunity to simplify the quoting process for consumers and improve our sales yields."
    Top 10 Insurer
  • 5
    "Minimal impact to my internal IT resources … They took in our raw data sets and introduced immediate opportunities for ~20% reduction of our data costs and insights to future marketing save."
    Large Agency


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