Fenris Solutions for Auto Insurance

Give your clients a better auto insurance buying experience and discover more upsell opportunities.

Auto Insurance applications are long and tedious causing high abandonment rates.

Most consumers view buying auto insurance as a necessary but unpleasant task. They can't remember when their last ticket or accident was, they definitely don't have the VIN number handy, and the forms are so tedious that they usually just abandon the process.

With Fenris, you just enter a name and address and we can return most, if not all, of the data you need to prefill the application, retrieve driver history, and even the VIN.

Our easy to use, easy to install APIs can populate your application with over 80 points of data—instantly—with just a name and address. Fenris Digital customers have significantly improved their abandonment rates by 20% and more using Fenris APIs.

Auto Insurance Auto Prefill with 80+ data points including VIN, other drivers in household.

"Since we incorporated Fenris Auto Prefill into SALT, the auto application completion rates have more than doubled."

~ Jonathan Simmons, founder and CEO, SALT

Fenris Services Specifically for Auto Insurance

Fenris Auto Prefill Services

Auto Prefill API

The Auto Prefill service returns information from our verified third-party data associated with the applicant and their address including household drivers and vehicles.

VIN Decoder

The 50-state VIN Decoder service provides automobile information for a requested VIN.

Fenris Insight for Auto

Driver's License

The Fenris Digital Driver's License search service provides a driver's license number and state for an input person.

Driver Record

The Fenris Digital Driver Record service provides summary information of potential violations on a driver's record.


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Auto Prefill API

VIN Decoder API

Driver's License API

Driver Record API

Fenris Insight for Sales

Use Fenris Insight to increase new business, renewals, and cross selling. Whether you are selling Auto, P&C, Life or Commercial lines, we serve clients just like you instantly, easily, and accurately from lead to applicant to policyholder.

Lead Insight

Fenris Insight can let you know if the lead best meets your criteria—before you pay for it.

Applicant Insight

Fenris Insight can tell you which applicants are up to 10x more likely to buy from you.

Policyholder Insight

Get instant, accurate, updated data about every policyholder for cross-selling opportunities.