Fenris Prefill for Insurance

Enjoy higher conversion rates and more efficient operations with Fenris Prefill.

Are you losing customers during the application and quoting stages?

Consumers expect a fast, seamless, Amazon-like experience when purchasing insurance. They are also uncomfortable volunteering information in today’s world of data breaches.

Manually entered data often has quality issues.

The Fenris Prefill products resolve this conflict by giving insurance companies data about people and companies that can be used to prefill applications.

Now the data needs only to be confirmed or corrected instead of entered from scratch.

Tired, frustrated and stressed call center agent with a headache while working in customer service. Female IT support assistant struggling with a migraine and feeling confused or anxious.

Fenris Prefill APIs are built specifically for insurance.

Fenris Prefill Documentation

Fenris has the following APIs available:

  • Auto Insurance Prefill
  • VIN Decoder
  • Driver Record *
  • Driver’s License *
  • Customer 360
  • Property Assessment Details
  • Property Replacement Cost
  • Property Risks and Hazards
  • Commercial Insurance Prefill

* Part of Fenris Insight APIs

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Click on a line of business to learn more about the specific API. Sign up for a POC and be connected in minutes. Unlike the "big name" companies, our staff are readily available to assist you get started.

"Fenris APIs are simple and modern, which makes their Auto Data Prefill easy to integrate."

~ Jonathon Simmons, CEO, SALT

Use Fenris Insight to increase sales in all stages of the customer journey.

Fenris Insight for Leads

Fenris Insight can let you know if the lead best meets your criteria—before you pay for it.

Fenris Insight for Applicants

Fenris Insight can tell you which applicants are up to 10x more likely to buy from you.

Fenris Insight for Policyholders

Get instant, accurate, updated data about every policyholder for cross-selling opportunities.

"The data Fenris provides is the tip of the spear for us. It is key to our success."

~ CEO, B2C Insurtech Co