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Fenris Announces New Partnership with Quotehound

Lead scoring combined with enterprise marketing tools will improve insurance customer acquisition.

Richmond, VA – March 21, 2022Fenris Digital (Fenris), an insurance data sourcing innovator providing a suite of API-delivered, SOC 2 compliant products, is pleased to announce a new partnership with online insurance marketplace Quotehound.

Quotehound leverages internal technologies to verify, connect, and distribute to consumers across the United States. Since 2019, Quotehound has consistently demonstrated a strong track record of delivering enterprise marketing products. Fenris will work with Quotehound to advance digital transformation and innovation within the insurance ecosystem, through application of Fenris’ Propensity to Buy scoring service.

“Working with Fenris helps us handle data efficiently, provide a good experience for our partners, and determine which consumers may be a good fit as customers and which aren’t,” said Justin Marks, co-founder & president of Quotehound.

This partnership combines Fenris’ API-delivered, SOC2-compliant, cloud-based Propensity to Buy scoring service, which matches applicants or publicly available leads to their proprietary database to create an enriched prospect profile. The profile is then run through Fenris’ scoring algorithm, created specifically for Quotehound, returning results suitable for injection into their workflow in real time. The combined result is instant identification of leads who are up to 10 times more likely to buy.

“We are very happy to have Quotehound as part of the Fenris family,” said Jason Wootton, head of growth for Fenris.  “Our lead-scoring plays right into their strengths, allowing them to quote applicants faster and more accurately than ever before.”

Fenris utilizes data repositories of 255+ million adults, 130+ million households, 30+ million small businesses, and complete coverage of all properties in the U.S. to enable better customer acquisition for traditional, innovative, and embedded insurance providers. Using Fenris’ Propensity to Buy scoring service, aggregators can make informed decisions about which leads to bid on and how much to bid on each. They can also improve their reputation with broker and agent buyers by consistently offering higher quality leads and value-based pricing.

Justin Marks will be speaking at Leadscon, March 23, on “Reimagining the Call Experience by Establishing Your Brand’s Credibility.”

About Fenris

Fenris Digital (Fenris) is an insurance data sourcing innovator delivering a suite of API-delivered, SOC 2-compliant products which leverage well-established, proprietary data repositories for Predictive Scoring, Data Enrichment and Pre-fill, and Life Event Monitoring & Alerts (LEMA), to enable modern customer acquisition workflows across auto, home, life, and small commercial lines. For more information, please visit www.fenrisd.com

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