Life Events Monitoring

Be there for your policyholders in the moments that matter

Recent Life Events is our API service which checks your applicant or policyholder against our complete reference data on 255m adults and 130m households, and returns in real-time all of the recent life events detected, including new mover (and former address), household changes, financial changes, and more. 

Life Events Monitoring and Alerts is our API service which sends proactive daily notifications of significant life changes, helping to prioritize those that are receptive to outreach and what type of messaging would be most effective.

Benefits for Agents

Become Aware of when Life Changes Impact your Policyholders

Your relationships are important, and you work hard to serve each of your policyholders.  Every month, roughly 5% of your policyholders experience a significant life changing event, such as a move, new baby, or change in marital status.  How do you know which ones need outreach?  What if you could start each day with a priority list and be present for your policyholders in the most meaningful ways?

Identify Moments that Matter for Retention and Cross-Sell

You work very hard to cultivate your relationships, but you can’t always know when a policyholder would benefit from a different product due to a change of circumstance.  In these moments that matter, your policyholders are 2-14x as likely to purchase a product, and by reaching them when it’s important to them, you can demonstrate how well your solutions meet their new needs.

Benefits for Marketing and Retention Managers

Create Marketing Touch Points for Deeper Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

Every marketer wants to provide relevant, timely touchpoints, and the Life Events Monitoring and Alerts is the secret to superior customer relationship management and improving retention.  Go beyond segmentation marketing and include event based marketing specific to each policyholder in the ways that exceed their expectations and engender greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Integrating the alerts as triggers into a CRM system allows for automated outbound marketing campaigns with relevant products and messaging to your most receptive audience within your book of policyholders.

Recent life purchasers and the power of life events combined with financial planning

How it Works

We don’t predict life changes using algorithms; we collect actual evidence of the events with nightly sweeps of a variety of key validated sources, picking up on real life changes such as a house listed or sold, a move or downsize, a change in marital status, or the addition of a new baby, to name a few.  We maintain a complete reference data set on 255m adults, 130m households, and 100% of all properties, with real-time insights accessible via API.

Our Life Events Monitoring and Alerts makes it possible to stay connected to the pulse of your business and personalize your outreach to provide the very best service to your policyholders.

No Client PII Retained

Unlike other companies, we have our own reference data set on 97% of the US population, so we don’t need your PII.  It’s a much easier, more secure solution that is favored by your security and IT teams.

Instant Insight on Nine Events

Nightly Updates for Up-to-Date Intelligence

Available On-Demand or as a Monitoring Service with Alerts

Move Triggers

  • Home Listed

  • Under Contract

  • Recently Moved

  • Previous Address

Life Triggers

  • Engaged

  • Married

  • Prenatal

  • New Arrival

  • Newly Single

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