Predictive Scores

Quote your best applicants easier with predictive scores

Early understanding of your customer

Fenris has created a suite of scores that inform financial service providers on how to engage potential customers based on data quality, financial predictors, customer performance metrics, and fraud indicators.

This advanced insight available when quoting enables firms to direct resources efficiently, saving time and money while prioritizing the best customers.

Credit insight

An indication of a consumer’s credit bin when they apply for insurance, lending, and other financial products. This informs firms on how to react appropriately to new customers, without resorting to more expensive metrics. There are many ways to interpret credit.


The chance an applicant will end up making a purchase depends on factors regarding their current need and comparing offers they receive when shopping around. Knowing when a customer is in greater need of certain products, allows firms to meet the customer where they are. 

Fraud indicators

Fenris has pulled together data sets on over 255 million individuals. This repository is constantly being validated, so we are able to catch when something does not look right, and signal when information needs to be verified with the applicant.

Big data, small cost

Fenris scores are derived from data sets not regulated by FCRA, reducing cost coming from the front of the onboarding funnel, where the quote-to-bind ratio can be as low as 2%.

Identify product fit fast

When you know more, you can quote better. Fenris scores provide insight into the applicant’s overall financial picture, enabling firms to quote the right products earlier in the process.

Makes a difference

Knowing up front which products and services your customer will qualify makes all the difference in the world.

Find out how Fenris enables friction-free applications

Talk with a team member to see for yourself how Fenris creates valuable insight at the point of quote.

Use with prefill data and LicenseSnap

LicenseSnap makes getting initial identifying information fast and accurate, and can trigger a consumer scores to be returned. Once you know which applicants need what effort, data pre-fill can ease their way to bind.