Identify Your Best Applicants Early & Personalize Customer Engagement

Instant Segmentation of Leads

Fenris predictive scoring uses machine learning algorithms that continuously learn and improve over time

"We have now been able to profitably issue policies in a market where we had previously stopped writing business."

~ VP Product Management

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Key Features

  • Smart AI

    • Fenris machine learning algorithms continuously learn and improve over time

  • SOC2-Compliant

    • Cloud-based architecture delivering 99.9% uptime

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Get Accurate and Instant Lead Qualification

We match your applicant or lead to our proprietary database to create an enriched prospect profile. Then we run the profile through your custom scoring algorithm, returning the results for injection into your workflow in real time.


Why Use Fenris Predictive Scoring?

Optimize Call Center Operations

Reduce customer acquisition costs.

Improve the Online Customer Journey

Personalize the customer experience.

Remarket and Cross-Sell

Increase conversion rates.

The Fenris Difference

Standardized RESTful API

Our architecture is recognized by all developers, is easy to integrate in a short time, can be live the same day, and allows for instant results.

Form Populated in <2 Seconds

Time is everything.

Industry Leading Match Logic

We leverage industry leading methods of getting the record every time.

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