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Life Events Monitoring and Alerts

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Webinar: Life Events Monitoring and Alerts

Knowing the "moments that matter, when they matter," is a key driver for better engagement, cross-sell, and retention. Often, we don't know when one of our customers has experienced a life changing event. Those are missed opportunities to cultivate deeper relationships of trust.

Relying on predictive models to identify probable life event changes is never as accurate as actually detecting them as they occur in real time. Over the past three months, Fenris has added 10+ million significant life changes affecting relocation, household composition, family status, and financial status to its data set covering 97% of the US population. We translate these changes into alerts delivered by API for seamless integration into CRM and outreach workflows to drive better interactions.

Join Fenris' leaders as we share the impact that real-time life event alerts can have on increased policyholder engagement.

  1. Proactive engagement with customers using automatic alerts.
  2. Increase cross-sell success up to 14x.
  3. Improve retention with earliest notice.
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