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The Power Of Lead Scoring For Top
Line Growth And Greater Efficiency

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Webinar: The Power of Lead Scoring for Top Line Growth and Greater Efficiency

In this 30-minute webinar, Jen Linton, CEO @ Fenris is joined by Joe Orr to talk about his experiences leading a P&C agency and employing the latest technology and tools.

Joe, formerly EVP of Insurance at Clearlink, an award-winning digital marketing, sales conversion, and technology company headquartered in Salt Lake City working with dozens of carriers, was looking for a partner to provide insights such as:

Is a prospect likely to buy?
Is the lead contactable?
Is a lead fraudulent?
What insurance tier does a customer represent, and what products are they likely to need?
Who should attend? Marketing, Digital Engagement, and Call Center Operations leadership with responsibility for growth, customer experience, agent engagement, and profitability, will find it informative and insightful.

Knowing upfront who will become your best customer, at the earliest point of any engagement, can help you prioritize leads, personalize the journey, and close more profitable business.

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