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We spoke with Joe Orr about his experience with Fenris Digital on how we brought an improved customer experience to Clearlink, an award-winning digital marketing, sales conversion, and technology company headquartered in Salt Lake City.  

Joe began his career in traditional media, TV and advertising, then in the late 90’s took on the huge task of learning how to sell insurance online. He knew it could be done, he just had to find how. Joe found his solution, and with a team of others, started Answer Financial as one of the first insurance prototypes to conduct customer acquisition through digital channels.

Joe’s take on Fenris Digital

During his time at Clearlink, Joe levied Fenris to provide a nationwide auto insurance provider more insight into the customers requesting quotes through online forms. Joe was looking for answers that would inform their engagement with customers through digital channels to questions such as: Is a customer likely to buy? Is the lead contactable? Is a lead fraudulent? What insurance tier does a customer represent? Fenris baked these indicators into a simple API, allowing Clearlink to make near-instant decisions on triaging incoming leads. Compared to one of the three large data providers, Joe found:

“Fenris’ test proved to be every bit as efficient as a large data provider’s approach of having every data source known to man. Specifically Fenris’ technology to identify the tier of a potential customer was far better than these larger data firms. There’s so much more customization, flexibility and overall value working with Fenris over the big data firms”

Joe also introduced Fenris’ Auto prefill API, reducing the number of questions asked by capturing a driver’s license to identify the applicant and prefill form data and uncovered significant results.

“Conversion multiplied 3-4X using Fenris’ prefill products. Because of this project we know prefilling and optimizing for an online experience works.”

Thanks to the early collaboration with Joe, Fenris has benefited from being able to adapt their products to many more customers. Joe continues to help the Fenris team as a consultant now.

Two takeaways 

  1. Fenris offers the same if not better value to consumers compared to a big data provider
  2. Fenris’ size offers unique flexibility and customization to customers of all sizes

About Fenris

Fenris was born in 2016 to streamline the process of applying for an insurance policy while preserving underwriting integrity and accuracy. Fenris demonstrates its impact on increased conversion rates, decreased cost of acquisition, and reduced manual entry for a better customer journey.  For more information, please visit

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