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Fenris Announces Three New Capabilities for Auto Insurance Quoting

We’re excited to announce the extension to our suite of AI-driven algorithms and enrichment products, enhancing speed and accuracy for personal auto insurance quoting. As a leader in real-time insights and data, we’re meeting the demand for early risk profiling, matching,…

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A Memorable Debut: First Impressions of the Insurance Innovators Conference

Last week was my first time attending the Insurance Innovators Conference, and what a memorable experience it was, set against the vibrant backdrop of Nashville, Tennessee. A Unique Conference Experience Navigating the conference as a first-timer proved to be an adventure…

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A Conversation on Insurance Sales with Cyrus Jaffery, CEO of Jaffery Insurance and Financial Services

In a recent chat between Fenris Director of Customer Success Andrea Brooks and Cyrus Jaffery, Founder and CEO of Jaffery Insurance and Financial Services, we delved into how Fenris is transforming the insurance sales landscape. Cyrus shared insights into how Fenris…

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Fenris and bolt: Empowering the Future of Insurance

A Dynamic Partnership We’re excited to announce the latest chapter in our ongoing partnership with bolt. Together, we’re shaking things up in the insurance industry by empowering carriers, distribution partners, and end users in ways that make insurance simpler, smarter, and…

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How Technology and Customer-Centricity Are Redefining the Industry, with Mylo President & COO Belen Tokarski

Leading InsurTechs Mylo and Fenris Digital are helping transform the insurance industry using a customer-centric approach to redefine how policies are crafted and delivered, ensuring a future where insurance is more accessible, personalized, and responsive to individual needs.

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A Look Back at Jay Bourland’s InsurTech NY 2023 Talk

How Fenris Digital is Transforming InsurTech with Accessible, Impactful AI At InsurTech NY 2023, Fenris Digital CTO Jay Bourland delivered a thought-provoking talk on how machine learning and AI are reshaping the insurance industry. (See the video at the end of…

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How Driver Record Insight (DRI) Addresses 5 Major Pain Points for Auto Insurance Agencies

Navigating the complexities of auto insurance quoting can be challenging for agencies, especially when it comes to accurately assessing risk and providing competitive quotes. Inaccurate Auto Insurance Quotes Lead to Unhappy Customers and Lower Profitability In the competitive landscape of auto…

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Revolutionizing Commercial Insurance: How Fenris is Changing the Game

Real-time Data and Insight is Changing How Commercial Insurance Risk is Identified and Quoted In the complex world of commercial insurance, agents and brokers often grapple with the daunting task of accurately gathering application data. The average time to close a…

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Navigating Commercial Markets: Opportunity or Crisis?

With carriers like Nationwide and Allstate pulling out of large commercial markets and more carriers likely to follow suit, are you ready to seize the opportunity? Why Your Company Needs the Human Element and AI in 2024 According to USI, commercial…

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