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Evolution of Insurance

Jen Linton
Founder and CEO Fenris

Way, way back in my college days, I majored in Molecular Biology, the fundamentals of which are that life is encoded into our DNA as a blueprint, and both biology and environment can play a role in our ability to survive and propagate.

Studying evolution, I found the phrase that summed up the life choices for any and all. When faced with a disruption, be it in the food supply, habitat, or competitive landscape, any living thing has three options:

Adapt, Migrate, or Die

The choices made can and do dramatically impact the survival of that individual, as well as can have domino effects on the evolutionary standing of the species. Those choices were put so succinctly, and rang so undeniably true to my ears at that time, that we printed t-shirts for our newly founded Molecular Biology club to sport about campus, which got us some funny looks in Humanities and Social Sciences buildings, and appreciatory nods in the laboratory hallways.

Fast forward 20 years, and I made the switch to insurance a decade ago, and the concept of disruption is beginning to take hold. I’m excited about the massive improvements underway to radically improve the consumer journey and evolve the products and services of insurance to better meet needs in the future.

As blunt as it sounds, the insurance industry is also facing these three options: adapt, migrate, or die.

Should I print up a batch of insurance (r)evolution t-shirts? Any pre-orders?

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