Looking Back with “2020” Hindsight

By Jen Linton, Founder and CEO of Fenris

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!  Like everyone else, we are so excited to turn the page on a new year.  We believe life can return to a more normal state once immunity by vaccine takes enough hold, where people can go into the office, students can attend classes with their friends, and family can gather at holidays.  We also believe the insurtech goldrush is just getting started, and Fenris is the Levi Strauss, providing the insight tools and enrichment data on every applicant and policyholder, whether that is for the auto, home, life, or small business insurance lines.  

For Fenris, 2020 was a foundational and breakout year wrapped into one WFH package.  We grew revenue 400% over the past nine months, developed a highly scalable API service platform, launched seven new products, and perfected our 2-week free POC to allow dozens of clients to try before they buy.  We were selected into MassChallenge Fintech for co-development of our LEMA product (more below) and were also selected into InsurtechNY’s first cohort making the leap from P&C into the life track.

Thank you to all who made 2020 a year not just to survive, but to thrive, and especially in such challenging circumstances!  We are proud to acknowledge our APIs now serve data and insights to some of the world’s largest brokers, agencies, small and medium carriers, and highly innovative startups.   Our team performed well under the everyday pressures of covid life, and we are poised to do even more in 2021.  We are only as good as our people, and hiring for sales, business development, marketing, customer success, product, sales engineering, and developers, to help us keep up with demand.

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