Simplify the Life Insurance Journey for Your Clients. Fenris Makes it Easier.

Life Insurance Data Prefill & Insight


"The data provided by Fenris will help independent agents better serve their customers by providing extra context and insight into each customer's unique situation."

~ Chip Bacciocoo, CEO, Trusted Choice

The Life Insurance Customer Journey is a Complicated, Multi-Step Process.

Peace of Mind. Perhaps even an investment vehicle. That’s what buyers are thinking about as they consider life insurance. But given the breadth of products, the complicated process of securing a policy and determining the appropriate amount of coverage makes for a complicated series of conversations. So why not make it a little easier? Take advantage of Fenris solutions for better insight.

Using only a name and address, we can provide a 360 degree view of your client, including beneficiaries, assets and needs. We can also keep you updated with major life events to ensure policies are always aligned to the client’s lifestyle.

Our solution enables you to:

  • Gain insight into the applicant including family members, assets, hobbies and more.
  • Create stronger life-long relationships with your clients with a proactive approach to managing their financial well-being.

At Fenris Digital, we believe that Fenris Prefill is just the beginning.
Utilize Fenris Insight for the moments that matter.

Enrich your leads process so it works better for you.

Anonymous data doesn't tell you much. Fenris Insight can let you know if the lead best meets your criteria—before you even pay for it. Save time and money by ensuring only qualified leads are bought or processed.

What if you could ensure your live agents are focusing their time on only those likely buy from you?

Fenris Insight can tell you which leads are up to 10x more likely to buy from you. Similarly, we can identify those least likely to buy from you. Improve your conversion rates and lower your cost of sales by putting your most expensive channel—live agents—on the phone with the best applicants. Assign the other applicants to lower cost channels.

Improve your retention and enhance cross-sell opportunities.

View your existing policyholders in context. Fenris Insight provides instant, accurate, updated data about every policyholder. At renewal time, your agents can better serve policyholders with their best products for their situation now.

Whether you are selling Auto, P&C, Life or Commercial lines, we serve clients just like you.

Instantly. Easily. Accurately.

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"Fenris is a proven leader in data services from lead generation and quoting to retention and cross-sell."

~ Chuck Gomez, Head of North American Operations, InsureMO