Fenris Insight for Leads, Applicants, & Policyholders

Sales is a numbers game. Fenris helps you stack the numbers in your favor.

Verify that Your Lead is Viable and Reachable Before You Buy

Leads cost money, whether you buy them or generate them yourself. Fenris Lead Insight lets you know whether a lead contains valid information and can be reached via one or more communication channels. It also tells you if the lead resides at the address provided.

Our APIs also return a score indicating how likely you are to contact this person so you can route the request to the appropriate channel or return the lead to the seller.

It is designed to insure that any leads you are buying meet your parameters of quality—before they are purchased. Fenris’ reference database has more than 250 million individuals and 130 million households.


"Buyers and sellers of leads can now gain a better understanding of their audience."

~ Brian Ocheltree, President of LeadCloud

Identify the Applicants Most Likely to Buy

What if your agents could spend their time speaking to the best prospects for your products and the rest can be assigned to a less expensive marketing channel?

Fenris understands that many smaller and medium-sized companies don’t have access to data science resources and the breadth of data needed to create machine-learning models.

That is what Fenris Insight will do. We can identify applicants in your sales funnel who are 10x more likely to buy from you. We enrich names and addresses with hundreds of features than can be used to improve model accuracy.

That’s insight that pays. Fenris solutions are easy to integrate and easy to use. And our Fenris team is accessible and ready to work with you. Talk to us about a proof of concept before making a commitment.


"Fenris introduced immediate opportunities for 20% reductions in our data costs and insights to future marketing savings."

~ CIO, Top 100 carrier

Identify Your Most Valuable Clients

Fenris Insight also enriches the renewal process and uncovers cross-selling opportunities. Agents with a complete picture of existing policyholders can reach out with offers that are more personalized and take into account new life events such as a new child, a new driver, a new business. Keep the customers you have and service them better.

Happy real estate agent using digital tablet with her clients during consultations in office.