five reasons you need driver record insight

How Driver Record Insight (DRI) Addresses 5 Major Pain Points for Auto Insurance Agencies

Navigating the complexities of auto insurance quoting can be challenging for agencies, especially when it comes to accurately assessing risk and providing competitive quotes.

Inaccurate Auto Insurance Quotes Lead to Unhappy Customers and Lower Profitability

In the competitive landscape of auto insurance, accurate data and actionable insights are crucial for success. However, inaccurate quoting from the beginning can significantly impact customer satisfaction and agency profitability. Thirty percent or more of prospects never make it through the sales funnel, and another third is uprated after the initial quote, leading to lost business and damaged loyalty. A major culprit of inaccurate rating is unreported violations, which can lead to a 10-50%, or more, jump in premium after an MVR is ordered. It’s no surprise that agents are experiencing quote abandonment and a negative customer experience.

How to Quote Auto Insurance Accurately Without an MVR

Enter Driver Record Insight (DRI), a game-changer for insurance agencies. By providing a preview of violations activity before the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) report, DRI empowers agencies to enhance quoting accuracy, improve quote-to-bind ratios, and reduce chargebacks, all while enhancing their reputation with carrier partners.

Let’s explore five major pain points faced by insurance agencies and how our Driver Record Insight (DRI) API service addresses each one.

Problem #1: Inaccurate premium calculations due to undisclosed violations and accidents can lead to higher rates and quote abandonment.

Solution: DRI enables agencies to discover non-disclosed violations during the application process, ensuring accurate premium calculations from the outset.

Benefit: Enhance Quoting Accuracy

Problem #2: Indicative quotes often change when carriers pull additional data like MVR reports, resulting in negative customer experiences and lost sales.

Solution: With DRI, agencies can catch violations early, preventing rate hikes or risk declinations and ensuring a smoother transition from quote to policy binding.

Benefit: Increase your Quote-to-Bind Ratio.

Problem #3: Matching applicants to the right carriers can be uncertain without comprehensive data on driving history and risk factors.

Solution: DRI provides detailed insights on driving record activities, allowing agencies to accurately segment applicants and pair them with carriers that align with their risk profiles.

Benefit: Improve accuracy of risk segmentation.

Problem #4: Unreported violations can lead to significant premium increases after MVR reports are ordered, resulting in quote abandonment and lost revenue.

Solution: DRI helps agencies avoid chargebacks by ensuring accurate risk profiles upfront, minimizing the need for costly premium adjustments post-quote.

Benefit: Reduce chargebacks.

Problem #5: Inaccurate quoting can strain relationships with carrier partners and lead to higher rates or policy declinations.

Solution: By uncovering violations early in the quoting process, DRI enables agencies to quote accurately, building trust and credibility with carrier partners.

Benefit: Improve your reputation with Carrier Partners.

How to Get Started with DRI for Your Auto Insurance Agencies

Driver Record Insight (DRI) offers a comprehensive solution to the pain points faced by auto insurance agencies, from enhancing quoting accuracy to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. By leveraging DRI, agencies can streamline their processes, minimize risks, and ultimately drive better business outcomes.

Interested in learning more about how DRI can benefit your agency? Schedule a call with us today to discover the power of actionable insights in auto insurance quoting.

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