Sales Is a Numbers Game. Fenris Helps You Stack the Numbers in Your Favor.

Fenris Insight for Applicants / Prospects

Identify the Applicants Most Likely to Buy, Reduce the Cost of Acquisition, and Increase Conversions

Insurance carriers, large agencies, brokers, and MGAs tell us that the cost of acquiring business is too high due to these common challenges:

We bought the lead but don't know what product they need.

We aren't sure what marketing channel to send the lead to.

We have no idea which prospect is more likely to buy than another.

What if your agents could spend their time speaking to the best prospects for your products and the rest can be assigned to a less expensive marketing channel?

Fenris can identify applicants in your sales funnel who are 10x more likely to buy from you. We enrich names and addresses with hundreds of features than can be used to improve model accuracy.

That’s insight that pays. Fenris solutions are easy to integrate and easy to use. And our Fenris team is accessible and ready to work with you. Talk to us about a proof of concept before making a commitment.


Lead Insight

Fenris Insight can let you know if the lead best meets your criteria—before you pay for it.

Applicant Insight

Fenris Insight can tell you which applicants are up to 10x more likely to buy from you.

Policyholder Insight

Get instant, accurate, updated data about every policyholder for cross-selling opportunities.

"Fenris introduced immediate opportunities for 20% reductions in our data costs and insights to future marketing savings."

~ CIO, Top 100 carrier