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Revolutionizing Commercial Insurance: How Fenris is Changing the Game

Real-time Data and Insight is Changing How Commercial Insurance Risk is Identified and Quoted

In the complex world of commercial insurance, agents and brokers often grapple with the daunting task of accurately gathering application data. The average time to close a commercial insurance deal can be up to 12 weeks, with agents going back and forth with potential clients to track down crucial data points.

The current landscape for many agents is frustrating, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. This is where Fenris, a leading insurance data provider, accelerates the pace for accurate risk selection and conversion.

Use Data and Technology to Optimize the Submissions Process

In commercial insurance, collecting detailed and accurate application data is a chore. Agents and brokers frequently find themselves lost in a sea of information, including long forms and many questions about the applicant’s business—some of which may not even be applicable. This process consumes valuable time and poses the risk of inaccurate data—leading to improper risk assessment.

Through its robust API, Fenris offers an innovative solution. Our technology automates the data collection process, boosting accuracy and efficiency.

Improve Conversion Rates with Commercial Prefill API

Fenris doesn’t just promise efficiency; it delivers. Just ask our clients. One wholesaler client observed a 30% increase in policy conversions within 45 days of using Fenris. Furthermore, clients consistently report best-in-class match rates to the business entity and inclusion of critical data fields like NAICS codes, annual sales, and year founded. Fenris achieves this efficiency by providing more than 40 data points purposefully built for insurance use cases.

See Real Results in Weeks with Fenris’ Data Strategists

Unlike other data providers, Fenris is not just a data aggregation point, but a data strategist. It’s not just about gathering information; it’s about gathering the right information and presenting it in a usable form with insights that align with the business priorities. In most cases, Fenris can demonstrate its platform’s effectiveness after a few weeks of use, showcasing a commitment to rapid, tangible results.

Simplify the Commercial Insurance Submission Process

In a field as intricate as commercial insurance, having a service like Fenris is invaluable. It’s the difference between manually sifting through a haystack for a needle and using a magnet to extract it effortlessly. Fenris is not just changing the game; it’s redefining it, proving indispensable to agents, brokers, underwriters, and carriers in the digital age.

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