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A Conversation on Insurance Sales with Cyrus Jaffery, CEO of Jaffery Insurance and Financial Services

In a recent chat between Fenris Director of Customer Success Andrea Brooks and Cyrus Jaffery, Founder and CEO of Jaffery Insurance and Financial Services, we delved into how Fenris is transforming the insurance sales landscape. Cyrus shared insights into how Fenris is modernizing the approach to selling insurance and the significant impact it has had on his business.

Streamlining the Insurance Sales Process

Cyrus kicked off the conversation by highlighting the complexity and inefficiencies prevalent in the insurance industry, emphasizing that “[clients] don’t want to go through hoops and hurdles and different places to go find their VIN numbers, to find their driver’s license numbers, to find their house information and all the other information that is extremely complicated in our world. But with Fenris, Cyrus adds, “It honestly makes it extremely easy for the consumer.” By automating data gathering tasks, agents can now focus on building relationships rather than spending hours collecting information.

Driving Efficiency and Boosting Productivity

Quoting time has been a pain point for many insurance agents, often taking hours to gather and input data for a single quote, but with Fenris, “Instead of taking two or three hours of data gathering and getting all the information to quote, now it’s literally done in 60 seconds.” This remarkable reduction in quoting time has not only driven efficiency but has also translated into tangible business outcomes. 

Implementing Fenris’s technology has been a game-changer for Jaffery Insurance and Financial Services. Fenris’s solutions have empowered agents by providing them with instant access to crucial data points, enabling them to deliver a seamless experience to clients. “For us, it was pretty simple. We went to all our agents and we would sit with them and ask for their pain points. Then we came over to Fenris and said, ‘Hey, do you have the driver’s license number that you could pull and prefill? Hey, do you have this and that you can pull and prefill?’ And then Fenris worked with our team on the backend to implement and  add those data points into our systems as prefilled details, it makes it super easy to do work with the consumer.”


Jaffery’s insights shed light on how Fenris is reshaping the insurance sales landscape. By leveraging innovative technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiency, Fenris is empowering agents and driving business growth. As Cyrus aptly put it, “if it saves time, money, and improves efficiency, it’s a no-brainer.”

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