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Fenris Developer Resources

Fenris Developer Resources

Fenris’ APIs are designed with open standards and ease of use to get you going as quickly as possible. Here are some resources to help get you up and running even faster.

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API Documentation

Download documentation for our APIs below.

Lead Scoring

Our lead scoring APIs work with anonymous data to help you know if you should be buying that lead.

Applicant Scoring

Once you have contact information for a prospect our TruProfile API can help you validate the prospect and determine the contactability of the prospect, while our suite of Applicant Scoring APIs can help you identify the best prospects in your funnel. The Fenris Customer 360 API delivers extended data that can be used to understand your prospect better.

Personal Lines Prefill

The Fenris prefill APIs improve the experience for your prospect by helping them complete applications without onerous typing or looking up difficult-to-find information, such as Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs).

Property Lines Data

Insuring real property has special data requirements, and the Fenris APIs for property deliver a rich variety of information. The Hazards and Perils API returns more than 700 fields detailing the risks to real property based on geography (earthquake, weather, flood, etc, fire protection and manmade hazards such as leaking underground storage tanks. The Assessment Details API returns data about the structure, such as size, construction, roof type and valuation. The Replacement Cost API returns information about the funds needed to replace an existing structure. All Property APIs are for both personal and commercial properties.

Commercial Lines Prefill

The Fenris Business Insurance Prefill API offers ownership, classification and firmographic information targeted at small and medium businesses (businesses with less than $1B in annual revenue).

Life Events

The Fenris life events APIs allow you to determine whether a prospect or current policyholder has experienced a recent life event. The recent life events API returns a list of all life events for a person in the past year. The life events monitoring and alerts (LEMA) platform monitors book of business designated by you and returns alerts based on the activity.

Developer Tools

The echo API is a simple “Hello World” service designed to assist developers in testing authentication and connectivity to the Fenris API platform.

Developer Data

The Fenris Developer Data Collection is a set of artificial data records that can be used to test the Fenris services. The service’s responses to records from the artificial data are guaranteed to be constant in time, so that your integration tests will not break. Since the data in the set is synthetically generated, no personally identifying information (PII) is present and the data can be shared openly. Best of all, your account is never charged for requests made with the developer data.

Download the current developer data list here.

Note: developer data is not available for the following products

  • LeadScore API

  • TruProfile API

  • Life Events Monitoring and Alerts (LEMA)

Code Samples

Dode examples in various popular programming languages for using Fenris' AWS Cognito based authentication API to fetch a token for making later requests. Samples are currently available in Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, and Ruby.

Download the current code samples here.

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