Enable Two-Question Quoting

Fenris enables profitable growth; instantly identifying your best future customers and easing their way.

Data Prefill

The most comprehensive identity repository and data delivery platform purpose-built to enable easy, fast, and accurate assessment of every applicant or customer.

Auto Insurance

Household vehicles and drivers. Read more

Home Insurance

Household and property.

Life Insurance

Household and financial insights.

Predictive Scores

Instant business insights through machine learning and well proven scoring-as-a-service leveraging our alternative data. 

Personal Financial Responsibility

Credit Indicator. Read More

Propensity to Buy

How likely is an applicant to buy?


How long will an applicant stay?


A growing number of consumers rely on their mobile devices to interact with their insurers. Carriers must meet the customer where they are in order to capture new business and stay competitive. 


Enables a one-click capture and up to 16 data fields returned. Read more

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