Quote more of your best applicants with data, scores, and technology

Insights and strategic tools to support profitable growth in commercial and personal lines and lending.

Data and Analytics that Inform Decisions

Applicant Scoring

Fenris scores help insurers provide the best product fit for the applicant and expedite processing where applicable. Using machine learning, we continuously improve our scoring algorithms so insurers get actionable insight earlier than ever before – at the point of quote. Fenris scores enable insurance professionals to spend less time qualifying, and more time generating new business.

Proprietary Data

Fenris maintains the largest insurance data repository in the industry. Using records on over 255 million adults, 130 million households, and 50 million small businesses, the Fenris pre-fill data API can help you reduce the average application question set from 50 to just 5. This means a faster application process for customers with increased data quality.


Fenris APIs enable the fast transfer of data to your existing technology and processes. But sometimes results just can’t wait. If a direct integration isn’t possible yet, Fenris provides custom dashboards to deliver our data and scores in an easy-to-use interface for agents and underwriters.

Increase your top-line revenue and profits

Our Match, Enrich, and Score™ capabilities have been proven to help carriers and agents see up to 3X conversions on insurance applications and decrease the cost of acquiring a new customer by up to 25%.

Our unique dataset of more than 400 million records, our extremely accurate scoring, and continuous optimization via machine learning on more than 2 million records (and counting!) enable us to deliver friction-free applications.

3 x
-25 %
Cost of Acquisition

How it Works


Pre-fill application questions using only name and address. Better data quality and more completed applications across personal and commercial lines and lending.


Relevant small business data from our extensive dataset, all in one easy-to-use view for fast assessment.



Our most popular score, PFR, predicts the credit bin of an applicant with 93% accuracy to traditional financial scores, giving you more insight, earlier.

An insight engine enabling better applications and a better experience for underwriters, brokers, and customers.

Find out how Fenris enables friction-free applications.