Pre-Fill API

The Fenris Data Pre-Fill API for Personal Lines of Insurance

The power of over 400 million applicant records, delivered directly to your teams in seconds.

Your insurance data pre-fill engine

The Fenris Pre-Fill API fetches applicant data and pre-fills that information for the client to confirm, rather than require manual entry. Errors and application drop-off are eliminated, leading to more completed applications and a cleaner book of business at bind.

The Fenris Pre-Fill API provides the data and scores needed to inform decisions, evaluate risk, and improve the experience of applying for, rating, and servicing commercial insurance.

Benefits of the Fenris Data Pre-Fill API

Reduced Quote Time

Pre-filling a majority of the information in your questionnaire will reduce the time a customer takes to submit their application. This leads to a happier customer, and more applications reviewed every day, week, month and year.

Custom Data Payload

As a Fenris client, you are able to customize the data elements received from the API to fit your unique application needs.

Increased Completion Rates

Allow the customer to confirm information presented to them, rather than asking them to manually enter every field. Get fewer errors in your data, more completed submissions, and a faster quoting process for both the customer and the underwriter.

Right Place, Right Time

Supply data where it’s needed to apply and accurately quote more customers more easily

Find out how Fenris enables friction-free applications.

2 Pieces of Data = Hundreds of Possibilities

All Fenris needs is Name and Address of the applicant to instantly pull through data elements to your existing quoting systems, such as:

  • Address Type
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital Status
  • Rent/Own
  • Years at Address
  • Verification Date of Household
  • Number of Drivers
  • Year Home Built
  • Roof Type
  • Market Value
  • Sale Date
  • Sale Price
  • Property
  • Auto
  • Life

The Fenris Pre-Fill Data API solves tough problems for applicants, agents, and underwriters alike.

For the Applicant...

For the Agent and Underwriter...

Frequently asked questions

Fenris curates thousands of data sets used by Fortune 500 companies, but have yet to be applied to insurance, for accuracy and quality. 

We do not facilitate data that has been scraped from the web, unlike many tools seen used in claims validation, web-scraped information is not applicable to the risk analysis performed with our datasets.

Any financial services firm that uses an application can benefit from using the Pre-Fill API to make that application a smoother experience for consumers. 

We have found that brokerages and lenders both have use cases for our API that help them limit application abandonment, increasing completion rates leading to a higher number of conversions.

Both applicants to financial service products and the service providers benefit from implementing the Pre-Fill API in an online from.

Applicants enjoy a streamlined online process that asks as little from them as possible, while service providers feel confident knowing the information in their applications is accurate, being verified by the consumer, and more applications are being completed.

The data passed through the Pre-Fill is not regulated by the FCRA, therefore it can not be used in the final rate calculation without the verification on the consumer.

Scores provided by the Pre-Fill API are intended to predict more regulated and, therefore, more expensive analytics available.

Have another question we didn’t cover? 

Use in conjunction with the Fenris PFR score.

Data and scores go hand-in-hand. 

Our Personal Financial Responsibility (PFR) score can help you get insight about your applicants so you can provide them the best product fit, faster than ever before. Once you know which applicants need what effort, data pre-fill can ease their way to bind.

Find out how Fenris enables friction-free application.