How We Help

Every insurance interaction involves a consumer, and every consumer was once an applicant. But for so many insurance companies, only a small fraction of those applicants become customers.

Fenris works to optimize the experience at the point of quote to ensure completing the application is quick and easy for consumers, companies spend more time on leads that represent their target market, and the cost of acquisition is reduced.

The impact made at the first step of the insurance funnel has a trickle-down effect that positively effects the rest of the insurance life cycle.

Applicant Scoring

Fenris scores insurance applicants to reveal the value the consumer brings to the agent, broker, or carrier. Using machine learning, we can provide accurate and actionable insight into consumers’ needs, behaviors, and risks earlier than ever before -- at the point of quote -- allowing insurance professionals to spend less time qualifying, and more time generating, new business.

Identify the applicants who are


more likely to make a purchase

1 million
1 million
1 million
Small Businesses

Emerging Data Sources Applied in New Ways

Fenris aggregates data from new and emerging sources to provide available information about consumers to save them from providing it themselves. Using records on over 240 million adults, and 28 million small businesses, we reduce the application question set from 50-to-5, meaning a faster application process, while increasing data accuracy.

Advanced Technologies

If the consumer spent 30 seconds to get a quote by taking a picture of their license, instead of 15 minutes filling out a form, wouldn’t they be more likely to buy? If an underwriter had all the relevant information they needed to make a decision in one easy-to-read display, wouldn’t they be able to bind more policies every day?