Director of Customer Success and Onboarding

Job Title: Director of Customer Success and Onboarding

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Remote

Salary Range: $97,000 – $134,000

Job Summary

We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated individual to join our Customer Success team as a Director overseeing our Customers’ successful onboarding, usage of real-time insights, and renewal. Reporting into the CEO, the Director of Customer Success will be responsible for key aspects in the enterprise customers’ lifecycle, including enabling sales with strong product and use case knowledge, onboarding and coordinating integration of our APIs, and expansion of customer accounts. The successful candidate will have experience in successfully supporting customers with medium to large accounts (six figures annually), as well as automating support and insight for micro and small accounts for their self-service enablement.  Most critically, the ideal candidate with be highly curious and develop a keen understanding the of the business impact and have prior experience navigating the operating ethos of large, enterprise customers, with strong attention to detail, and the ability to work independently.

Key Responsibilities

  • Be the first point of contact for designated client accounts, leading them to successful deployment and achievement of their key goals for using our APIs for real-time data and insight
  • Work closely with sales teams to identify opportunities to drive new business and greater awareness, supporting with sales enablement tools, demos, and onboarding as needed
  • Interface with marketing to generate client testimonials and hone our understanding of the benefits derived by our clients
  • Manage daily administrative tasks to ensure the marketing department runs smoothly.


  • 8+ years experience in technology enablement, ownership of client accounts and revenue
  • Prior experience within a startup and the ability to do things well with limited resources
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, presenting progress and obstacles in a constructive way
  • Experience with APIs, Postman, Hubspot, Trello, docusign, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, google suite of office software

About Fenris Digital

Fenris Digital is an innovator. With deep experience in the insurance industry, we believe the status quo antiquated approach to data for quoting business that the insurance industry relies upon for customer acquisition:

  • Costs too much.
  • Is inefficient.
  • Serves neither applicants nor agents well.

There is a better approach. We provide real-time insight on every applicant and policy holder with accepted standard APIs. Our API-first delivery injects insights directly into your workflow. offering full insight into each candidate and how to optimize outcomes for profitable growth.